Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) extends and strengthens the standard username and password approach to verifying the user identity. MFA solutions are typically composed from something you know (username/password), something you have (generated token), or something you are (biometrics matching).

When combined together, the risk of compromising an user account is much more difficult that a single factor authentication system like a username and password. Multiple factors of authentication protect user accounts from lost or stolen credentials. If credentials are lost or stolen, the second factor of authentication continues to protect the user account and systems.

MFA risks resolved through overWatch ID

What problems does overWatch ID solve?

OverwatchID provides a unified Identity Security solution that includes strong Multi-Factor Authentication. The OverWatchID solution deploys MFA, PAM, CASB and IAM into the enterprise in days so that the security team can focus on protecting assets rather than deploying, troubleshooting and maintaining four or more disparate products.

What will OverWatch ID replace?

Evaluate the OverWatchID Security Suite, risk free, with our Try-and-Buy option to replace or complement PAM, CASB, MFA, or IAM products. OverWatchID provides the entire suite of functionality or each of the capabilities can be deployed independently.

What does OverWatch ID include?

OverWatchID provides a full featured MFA solution to increase the security of the current username and password credentials stored in the identity store or directory.